Bob Golden


I was 5 years old when my imagination was captured by an artist spinning clay on a pottery wheel. But, It wasn’t until high school that I had the opportunity to “throw.” I fell in love with the process and went on to spend a large portion of my Brown University education studying ceramics at Rhode Island School of Design.  Working with Chris Staley and Jackie Rice, I developed a gestural style and discovered beauty and simplicity in the repetition of creating bold and functional pieces. 

Working with clay is an obvious life metaphor – every piece begins as raw earth.  Character and identity evolve through the process of wedging, throwing, trimming, firing, and finally glazing. What starts as a clump of clay transforms into a unique piece that’s simultaneously precious and highly durable. Not coincidentally, my favorite pieces are created in the same spirit that I try to live my life – fearlessly passionate.

                                                                                                      - Bob Golden